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2021 Infiniti QX 80 Vs 2020

2021 Infiniti QX 80 Vs 2020

The 2021 Infiniti QX80 is a large SUV that works to provide everything that drivers need in one vehicle. With more space than a minivan, the QX80 offers a large cabin environment with seven or eight seats, depending upon its configuration. With so much space, it can easily fit adults in every seat with legroom left over.


While Infiniti has not seriously redesigned the QX80 since the introduction of the current generation in 2010, the manufacturer did provide some necessary changes to the 2021 version.


2021 Infiniti QX80 - Overview


2021 Infiniti QX 80 Vs 2020a


The 2021 Infiniti QX80 is available in three model configurations in Canada: 7-Passenger LUXE AWD, 7-Passenger ProACTIVE AWD, and 8-Passenger LUXE AWD. Starting at $79,998, all models of the QX80 are built with a 5.6-litre V8 engine that delivers 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft of torque.

The QX80 comes standard with a variety of driver assistance, entertainment, and other technology that allow drivers to ride in style and convenience.

Key Differences


Key Differences - 2021 Infiniti QX80 vs 2020 Infiniti QX80


While structurally and fundamentally the same, Infiniti did make a few key changes to the QX80 between 2020 and 2021.


In 2020, the Infiniti QX80 offered very few driver-assistance features. Especially compared to the competition, the QX80 was lagging way behind.


In 2021, Infiniti rectified the situation by making blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist standard across all models. The Smart Rearview Mirror also comes standard and received an upgrade in 2021 to improve its resolution.


2020 saw the upgrade of Infiniti's infotainment system to a dual-touchscreen system with smartphone integration and more, and that has not changed for 2021.


An upgrade to the U.S. version of the Infiniti QX80 was the reconfiguration of models so that there are a new mid-range Premium Select trim and high-end Sensory model for 2021. The top-priced Sensory even came with a significant price drop compared to 2020.


2021 QX80 vs The Competition


2021 Infiniti QX80 vs The Competition


Even though it did not receive many updates compared to the 2020 model, the 2021 Infiniti QX80 is still a well-priced and well-equipped large SUV. With a base price under $80,000 for a V8 engine and all-wheel drive, the QX80 is a value buy and holds its own against a class filled with names like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Cadillac. Similarly equipped vehicles would run for tens of thousands of dollars more when created by a manufacturer other than Infiniti.

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