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How to Use Infiniti Intouch

How to Use Infiniti Intouch

Many automobile manufacturers boast about their infotainment systems--their connectivity, their capabilities, their screen size. However, Infiniti offers so much more with its comprehensive InTouch system. Designed to make driving safer, as well as more convenient, secure, and connected, InTouch handles not only entertainment but also convenience, navigation, and safety and security.


What is the Infiniti Intouch



The Infiniti Intouch system can control multiple systems within an Infiniti vehicle. Drivers can do this through both voice and touch controls. Touch controls are well within reach of a driver and follow an intuitive pattern and method to ensure that eyes are never taken off the road. Voice controls allow drivers to access their favourite features of the system without even taking their hands off the wheel.





Step-by-step navigation is provided through the Infiniti InTouch system. Accessible directly through the touchscreen, the navigation system offers many useful features in addition to directions, such as real-time traffic information as well as available alternate routes to avoid accidents, construction, road closures, and more.


While the Infiniti InTouch system will provide drivers with directions to an end destination, it is also possible to upload directions from a phone or computer. If you want to locate a restaurant or fun attraction off the beaten path, it can be looked up on the map, or drivers can contact a live response specialist directly through the system who will recommend exciting options.


Entertainment and Communications



The entertainment and communications component of the Infiniti InTouch system will probably be used the most by drivers. Through this amenity, drivers can stay entertained and informed at all times when behind the wheel.


Once again accessible through both touch and voice technology, drivers can play music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more through the system. The InTouch system comes with Bluetooth, SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi hotspot, so there is no shortage of connectivity options for drivers.


Concierge and Convenience



The Concierge and Convenience components of Infiniti InTouch allow drivers to take full advantage of the system while on the road. This includes things such as scheduled maintenance notifications, access to My Schedule, an Infiniti personal assistant, and more.


Remote vehicle access, available through Google Assistant allows drivers to lock and unlock the car remotely, as well as remotely honk the horn or turn on the lights.


Safety and Security



One of the more unique features of the Infiniti InTouch system is the ability to set convenient valet and parental controls. Drivers are able to set max speed, as well as valet and curfew alerts that allow them to receive notifications even when someone else is behind the wheel. A 'drive zone' can also be designated so that drivers receive updates when their vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.


Our Review

It is not difficult for drivers to figure out how to use the Infiniti InTouch system--both touch and voice control seamlessly navigate drivers where they need to go. With so many convenient and unique features available at a driver's fingertips, it is hard to believe anyone would classify the InTouch system as simply 'infotainment.'

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