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Infiniti 2022 SUVs Towing Capacity; QX50, QX60 & QX80

Infiniti 2022 SUVs Towing Capacity; QX50, QX60 & QX80

With Infiniti, you will enjoy a luxury vehicle that is safe and comfortable for you and your family, and when the road demands more, you'll have the towing capacity you need. If you consider purchasing a new Infiniti model, it is important to consider your load requirements. 


Compared to other vehicles in their respective classes, the Infiniti suv towing capacity has a higher payload capacity and can manage the additional weight of your trailer.


The towing capacity of the Infiniti QX50



Even though it is the smallest Infinity SUV in size, the Infiniti QX50 has ample towing capacity. Before heading up to the campsite with your tents in tow, equip the Infiniti QX50 with the optional towing package and all-wheel drive.


Get started on the right path to victory by securing a trailer on your Infiniti QX50 and taking advantage of its towing capabilities. It is the perfect vehicle for towing lightweight equipment due to its ability to tow up to 1.361 kg (when properly equipped) when properly equipped.


The towing capacity of the Infiniti QX60



Having a 3.5L V6 engine and a design built with pulling in mind, the top QX60 tow package boasts a towing capacity of 2.268 kg when properly equipped, allowing you to tow larger camping trailers and motorbike trailers on your next excursion.


It is well known that great power comes with great responsibility. Therefore, the Infiniti QX60's towing capacity is paired with blind-spot monitoring and a rearview camera.


The towing capacity of the Infiniti QX80



Larger camping, utility, and dual-axle cargo trailers are easily toted with the lineup's largest SUV, powered by a powerful 5.6L V8 engine. When properly equipped with the top Infiniti QX80 towing package, the QX80 can tow an incredible 3.856 kg. 


While Blind Spot Intervention protects you from blind spots, all-wheel-drive keeps your wide load moving. Towing a heavy load has never been so easy.


What are the best ways to tow your Infiniti SUV?



For the first 800 km of use, you should not tow a trailer or haul a heavy load with your new vehicle. You do this to protect your axle, engine, and other parts that could wear out over time. You may decrease the lifespan of your SUV on its own if you do too much, too early. 


Don't drive over 80 km/h, and don't make full-throttle starts for the first 800 kilometres. The engine and other vehicle components will wear in more efficiently and can handle more weight.


Visit Myers Infiniti in Ottawa today to test drive any of our Infiniti models and discover what happens when refinement and power come together. Here, we put your needs first. Whether you're interested in a sporty model with an Infiniti suv towing capacity or a great deal, we will help you in whatever way we can.

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