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A Preview of Infiniti's Upcoming Future Vehicles in Canada

A Preview of Infiniti's Upcoming Future Vehicles in Canada

Get ready to experience the future of luxury vehicles with Infiniti's upcoming lineup of exceptional cars! As one of Canada's top luxury automakers, Infiniti has always been at the forefront of innovation and design, producing some of the most luxurious and technologically advanced vehicles today.


From sleek and powerful coupes to spacious and sophisticated SUVs, Infiniti's upcoming vehicles showcase the brand's commitment to delivering unparalleled comfort, performance and style. Check out a few concept vehicles from Infiniti and what you can expect.


Prototype 10


Experience electrified performance like never before with the Prototype 10 concept by INFINITI! This bold new concept re-imagines the classic speedster to provide clean motoring and pure driving pleasure in a sleek, aerodynamic body for a style all its own.


Demonstrating the possibilities of future powertrain technologies, Prototype 10 will inspire new electric vehicles and e-POWER hybrids. Harnessing the full potential of ultra-low emission technology, its electrified powertrain can immediately deliver 100% of the torque.


With a low-speedster layout and dramatic fin behind the driver's seat, Prototype 10 combines confident proportions with a race car-inspired cockpit that gives drivers the power and authority to control every inch of the road. It's a bold representation of how INFINITI vehicles may look, hinting at future electrified INFINITI models' performance and thrilling experience. There’s no information on the release date as yet.


QS Inspiration


Experience the future of sports sedans with the QS Inspiration by Infiniti! Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese design and infused with a modern influence, this electrified beauty redefines what a sports sedan can look like. With its muscular surfaces, clean lines, and innovative shapes, the QS Inspiration provides a glimpse into the future form of the Infiniti lineup.


Say goodbye to the need to cool an engine - the QS Inspiration maintains the grille's outline, hinting at its sporty character. Without the weight of a combustion engine, this sleek sedan boasts a low center of gravity, giving it a distinct advantage on the road.


Step inside this remarkable vehicle and be welcomed by a spacious, lounge-like interior. Infiniti has seamlessly merged Japanese hospitality and design techniques with modern architecture and innovative technologies to create a relaxed atmosphere.


While the QS Inspiration release date has not yet been announced, stay tuned for updates as this remarkable vehicle is set to make waves in the automotive world. Get ready to embrace the electrified era with the QS Inspiration - the future of sports sedans has arrived.


Q Inspiration


Get ready to revolutionize your driving experience with the Q Inspiration by Infiniti! Equipped with future generations of ProPILOT, this sleek vehicle allows you to release control and take it back, freeing you to enjoy the best driving experience.


Experience the best of both worlds with the world's first VC-Turbo engine that can internally adjust to give you a maximum response or maximum fuel economy - you never have to choose between power and efficiency again!


The Q Inspiration's exterior and interior design were praised for their "quiet beauty" and "simplicity reduced," impressing judges consisting of over 30 active and retired design heads of automotive manufacturers and transportation design chairs from top art schools.


Stay tuned for updates on the release date of the Q Inspiration. Get ready to enjoy a driving experience like never before with this innovative and stylish vehicle.


QX Inspiration


Prepare to be amazed by the INFINITI QX Inspiration - Infiniti's first fully electric concept vehicle that revolutionizes the luxury car design. Redefining what a luxury car can be, the QX Inspiration showcases exceptional performance and range that will power the future of INFINITI design. Let's explore what's in store:


Inspired by modern Japanese design and architecture principles, the QX Inspiration utilizes elegant folds, signature colour treatments, and the concept of 'Ma' to create a unique luxury vehicle. The extended roofline peaks above the front seats and slopes downwards to create an aerodynamically efficient Kammtail rear, while the body features angled panels that enhance its aerodynamics.


Taking cues from the 'omotenashi' principle of Japanese hospitality, the QX Inspiration's cabin is inviting and comfortable, featuring luxurious materials and clamshell doors that draw you in right from the start. Infiniti has not revealed the release date for the QX Inspiration.




Prepare to experience the thrilling combination of a coupe's body and the heart of a race car with Project Black S by INFINITI. This cutting-edge prototype represents the collaboration between INFINITI and the Renault F1 Team, pushing the boundaries of powertrain innovation and paving the way for an electrified future.


Project Black S's core is the dual hybrid Energy Recovery System, initially engineered for F1 race cars. This system captures kinetic and heat energy, delivering instant electric torque and lag-free acceleration, taking high-performance electrified powertrains to new heights.


Balancing the artistic curves of the Q60 with enhanced sports design, Project Black S embodies the ultimate expression of INFINITI's DNA. Its strong and sleek appearance, with taught and angular lines, exudes relentless performance on and off the track. The sculpted carbon fibre bodywork adds to the aerodynamic exterior, making it agile.


While no release date is available for this concept vehicle yet, Project Black S represents INFINITI's commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance and electrified powertrains. Get ready to experience the thrill of Project Black S - the future of high-performance vehicles.



I-LINE is a new line of vehicles from INFINITI that will bring out your daring side. These exclusive models, available only in Canada, will make a statement wherever you go.


The Q50 and Q60 I-LINE Red Sport models are equipped with a signature blacked-out grille that is carefully crafted with a distinctive diamond pattern. This grille adds an aggressive touch to the front profile of each model and ensures that heads will turn as you drive by.


To add even more contrast, black mirror caps beautifully complement the front grille. These elegant mirror caps enhance the exterior of each model and add a touch of refinement. With the I-LINE Red Sport, you can expect second glances everywhere. The Q50 and Q60 I-LINE Red Sport models are now available in Canada. Don't miss out on the chance to drive a vehicle that combines stunning design with thrilling performance.


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