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Discover the Luxury Features of Infiniti Cars

Discover the Luxury Features of Infiniti Cars

Infiniti vehicles are known for their luxury features. If you’re keen on learning more about how these elements can benefit you and why you should consider investing in one, here are some of the top Infiniti car features you should know about.


Infiniti IQ Technologies

The IQ Infiniti technology in your Infiniti comes with intelligent cruise control. This is part of the ProPILOT assist. This feature controls your vehicle in heavy traffic and maintains a safe distance from the cars around you. It will then resume cruising at your set speed when the traffic clears.


Another fantastic feature is the predictive forward collision warning. This system monitors all vehicles ahead of you and alerts the driver using visual cues and audio in case of potential risks.


Design That Cannot Be Found

Infiniti cars are designed through inspiration. The Japanese automaker seeks inspiration from the Japanese heritage to create vehicles that aren't like anything you see in the market. It also focuses on the concept of Ma, which means to be minimal in Japanese. The cars don't have a lot to flaunt, but what it does have speaks volumes about the intricate detailing, class and luxurious design.


Top Safety Technology

All Infiniti vehicles come with the Infiniti Safety Sheild. Some of the fantastic features of the Safety Shield include front and rear collision avoidance. This helps prevent accidents by constantly monitoring vehicles before and behind you. Another part of Infiniti vehicles is anticipating the road ahead and providing a warning if there is an impending collision. Then, the system will take over your car and decelerate to avoid a collision.


Special Family Safety Features

Infiniti cares about everyone, so the safety features help protect everyone inside and outside. For starters, Infiniti vehicles come with side-impact and side curtain airbags apart from the conventional airbags in the front. In addition, if you're travelling with a child under 12 years, you can use the LATCH system. This stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, which helps parents install child seats more securely.


Comes With Great Aftermarket Support

When you purchase an Infiniti car, you get an exceptional vehicle to drive around in and build a relationship with the brand. In addition, no matter what your car needs are, Infiniti has one of the best after-sales service and maintenance options to help your car stay in good health.


Known For Fuel Efficiency

Infiniti cars are known to be fuel efficient, which means you get a great vehicle that’ll help you save a lot of money each month.


Extra Seating Option In SUVs

Infiniti designs cars that not only look great but are practical too. If you have a more prominent family or love to take road trips, or you need extra space in your car, Infiniti has some of the best-in-class SUVs offering more space than regular cars. It’s convenient, practical and reliable.


Learn More About Infiniti With Us!

If you want to learn more about Infiniti car features or wish to inquire, contact your nearest dealership today for a test drive.

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