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Exclusive Infiniti Dealer in Ottawa


Myers Infiniti is the exclusive Infiniti dealer in Ottawa. Located on Hunt Club Road, Myers Infiniti is ready to help prospective buyers purchase a new Infiniti, used Infiniti, or used vehicle from another manufacturer. There are many options available to buyers when choosing a car, and the entire process can be overwhelming and stressful.

However, at Myers Infiniti, buyers will work with experienced professionals in a no-pressure environment to determine what vehicle is right for their lives. Myers Infiniti offers all vehicles in the Infiniti lineup, which offer both luxury and performance in eye-catching packages. With over seven decades of experience, Myers Infiniti is unbeatable in Ottawa.

Choosing an Infiniti

Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan. It began in 1989 and has since gained the reputation as a quality, dependable luxury car brand. Infiniti is ready to offer luxury and quality to individuals and families alike with one coupe, two sedans, and three SUVs in their small but impressive lineup.

The Infiniti Q60 coupe is the coupe of the future with a twin-turbo V6 engine that delivers up to 400 horsepower and intelligent all-wheel-drive that gives drivers complete control no matter the road conditions.

The Infiniti Q50 and Q70 sedans fall more toward the luxury side of the "luxury sportscar" title, and that is not a bad thing. They offer power and performance but focus more on the driver's comfort with a plush interior and high-tech features.

Infiniti offers three SUVs of varying sizes--the QX50, QX60, and QX80. The QX50 was named the Best Canadian Mid-Size Premium Utility Vehicle of the Year in 2019. The driver-focused design and functional beauty brings luxury to the forefront while still offering unrivalled interior space for the class.

The QX60 is a three-row SUV with room for everyone. It offers a spacious interior, comfort, and impressive technology including 360-degree safety. This premium crossover brings luxury to life.

The final vehicle in the Infiniti lineup is the QX80. The QX80 is Infiniti's flagship SUV, and it offers bold exterior styling and a gutsy V8 engine that moves like no other SUV. It offers 400 horsepower and an impressive towing capacity of 3855 kg.

Browsing Other Models

If a new vehicle is not in a buyer's price range, Myers Infiniti also offers a robust inventory of used vehicles. Myers Infiniti not only has a good selection of used Infiniti vehicles for sale, they also offer vehicles from other top manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Ford, Volkswagen, and more.

There are many perks to buying a used vehicle, including the lower price tag. In addition, buyers can often get more technology and upgraded features that were unattainable at a new car price.

The experienced staff at Myers Infiniti on Hunt Club Road are expertly trained on all vehicles available at the dealership. They can address all questions and help determine which vehicle best fits a driver's lifestyle.

Demo Vehicles

At the Myers Infiniti dealership on Hunt Club Road, they offer another class of vehicle that is not new but is not used. A demo vehicle is classified as a new car because it has never been sold, but it is also used because it has been driven by dealership staff.

Dealership staff drive demo vehicles to get a feel for the car and better understand its features in order to adequately explain it to prospective buyers. A demo is a well-taken-care-of, gently used vehicle that is significantly cheaper than a brand-new version. Demo vehicles usually have less than 12,000 kilometres on their odometers and are several thousand dollars cheaper than a brand-new vehicle.

For buyers stuck on the fence between a new and used car, a demo vehicle is a great compromise, and Infiniti Myers offers a number of them at any given time.

Exclusive Infiniti Dealer in Ottawa


Myers Infiniti is the exclusive Infiniti dealer in Ottawa. Located on Hunt Club Road, this dealership offers a well-stocked inventory of brand-new Infiniti models as well as more than a dozen used vehicles from which buyers can choose. With decades of experience and a professional sales staff knowledgeable about all Infiniti makes and models, Myers Infiniti is the top dealership to visit when a new luxury car is calling.

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